Why a man won’t commit In A Relationship

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Now there are various reasons as to why a man won’t commit. It could be possible that you’re just not the person for him.

but there are four big factors why a man will Never Commit and you need to know what they are.

The first reason and the biggest reason quite frankly that a man won’t commit is because

#1. He doesn’t have financial stability.

Why a man won't commit

Men are the providers. They want to provide for their family and he’s just not going to commit if he doesn’t have the financial stability to take care of his wife and any possible children that may come from this commitment.

financial self-sustainability plays a significant part in the relationship. if he’s in debt or perhaps has bad credit, it’s going to affect you as well.

Commitment involves planing your future together.

If he’s financially not stable, it’s going to be hard for both of you to take vacations, buy a house, or perhaps raising kids. that’s why one of the many reasons why he won’t commit.

The next reason a man won’t commit is that

#2. He just wants to have his freedom.

Why a man won't commit

You’ve heard men joke about that old ball-and-chain the wife at home- he’s not allowed to do this. He’s not allowed to do that.

If a man really really wants to have his freedom and his independence, it doesn’t really matter how amazing you are, he’s not going to commit to you.

 In any relationship, having the right balance of commitment and giving freedom to your partner is essential.  

If he doesn’t get that respect and personal space to express his commitment, then unfortunately he is not going to commit to you. Commitment is all about respecting and giving personal space to your partner.

Therefore respect him and give freedom to your partner.

Another reason why he won’t commit is that

#3. He just wants a variety.

Why a man won't commit

Yes, you guys know that it’s true right? A man knows that if he commits to one woman then all that variety goes out the window!

It’s not entirely possible for your partner to fulfill all your needs. having a variety of relationships with your friends is a really good thing.

wouldn’t be nice if you could discuss sex with your friends instead of really relying on yourself for everything or perhaps your partner.

If you expect your partner to fulfill all your needs, he is going to be disappointed which in turn could potentially damage the relationship.

That’s why he wants variety in relationships.  having an outside relationship is sometimes a good thing to have not necessarily a romantic relationship but other forms of relationships.

Another reason why a man won’t commit is that

#4. He has unhealed childhood trauma or unhealed heartbreak from past relationships.

Why a man won't commit

Now, this is one that a lot of people don’t talk about but it’s really important to healing all these issues from childhood or from past relationships before you get into another relationship.

 There are just too many people out there that are going about just going from one relationship to the next without really dealing with the issues of why that relationship ended. 

This is the same for women. okay anyone that’s going out and dating with unhealed heartbreak is just going to attract the same situations over and over again.

Take the necessary time to heal before jumping into another relationship.

So what do you do when you find out the man that you’re dating just won’t commit or can’t commit? Well, my best answer is to just walk away.

I know this is not the answer that you want to hear right now in fact I can feel your heart breaking through the phone right now but this is the truth of the matter.

I never sugarcoat things for you your best bet is to just end it.

The truth is there’s really nothing that you can do to make a man suddenly be ready to commit to you and you deserve to have everything that you want.

 You just have to stop wasting months even years of your life with a man that is just not ready to commit. 

 This is really sad and I’m kind of getting a little bit sad right now because I know so many women that desired to have a family and waited years for a man to commit only to find out that he was never going to and they miss their chance to have children. however, all I’m encouraging you to do is to stop waiting. okay? 

You can be just as happy with another man but you’re not going to be happy with a man that’s not giving you what it is that you desire. That’s the story ladies walk away.

If you see that this man is not giving you what it is that you desire from your love life.

I have to say from experience the more you walk away from the wrong man, the easier that it gets.

Once you learn how to spot those red flags and to identify which men are not ready to commit the happier that you’re going to be because you will find a man that will give you exactly what it is that you want thank you so much for reading my article today and if you found this article helpful please consider sharing with your friends.


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