6 Shocking “Things” Men Want From Women But won’t Ask For

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A lot of people out there men and women, they’ll get into a relationship and there are certain things that they want and they need in the relationship but they don’t really feel like it’s their place to tell their partner about it.

So we’re gonna talk about some things that men typically want and need in a relationship but tend not to talk about because

  • maybe they don’t feel it’s okay for them to talk about
  • Maybe they’ve been told that what they want doesn’t matter that much.

 There’s a lot of reasons why a guy might not talk or tell you about the things that he really wants in his relationship and he’ll never just ask you for.

1. compliment and appreciation.

It’s one thing when as you start a relationship where there’s a lot of create that goes into the relationship is another after time you start to forget that basic need for compliment and appreciation.

 it’s really important for guys to actually hear from you that you do appreciate efforts that they make  because sometimes it can be simple things such as helping you with   shopping and 

Taking care of a bunch of things that are needed and coming back and maybe you’re busy texting somebody or on Facebook and just getting the attention of, “thank you for doing that”

 it doesn’t have to be over-the-top craziness but you know it’s cool to actually get the appreciation for that you’ll find it then a lot of these things I go over today go both ways.

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For those of you guys who are reading these- make sure you appreciate your girl what she does for you.

2. Spontaneity and passion.

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 Sometimes people think we’re just talking about the bedroom and where having that bedroom is fantastic. it really helps us one way of creating another way is what about spontaneity on

Going out on dates such as maybe the guy’s the one who usually comes up with date ideas and has to do that otherwise you guys don’t do anything and so if he doesn’t do it,  then you don’t go what why not maybe flip it around maybe you do it. 

You see a lot of guys aren’t gonna necessarily ask hey, “why don’t you come up with a date idea,” but if you surprise him every now and then and say hey?  “we’re gonna do this,” and that really does go both ways.

 one thing that obviously helps on the spontaneity and the passion is that you don’t just let yourself go it’s like a stereotype for a guy that you know he’s all fit and has 12 pack abs and the chicken looks like  Rambo “Wow” he’s kind of big but you know whatever.

You get the idea he looks super  slice bread on those abs and then you know you get into a relationship and get

3.He wants to solve your problem.

Many times if somebody is running into a problem- that can be with something else in their life and they’re running into a problem, they can get into a situation where they’re telling the other person about the problems and they’re just telling him problem problem problem problem.

 Now, the other person cares about you. so they’re gonna be inclined to want to help you with the problem. please let him help you. 

 Don’t just tell him the problem for the sake of having a problem and then I mean what are we supposed to do here that you have

If you don’t want the problem solved then don’t say it in a way that makes him think that there’s a problem that needs to be solved because our inclination is to dive in and help you.

 Again goes both ways.

4. Don’t say “ Nothing is wrong ” 

When  you’re going through a problem you’re going through an issue or perhaps you’re upset right- when somebody says “are you  okay?”,  “what happened? Don’t say “Nothing is wrong” Or perhaps it’s fine ‘nothing” okay.

Again goes both ways I’ve literally seen it done I see it both and frankly I’ve experienced both I’ve done it the other way too and so it’s one of those things you need to actually communicate

with the other person and solve it you can drag it out and say nothing.

  A Lot of guys have a relatively simple mind and so you could say to a guy nothing and he goes okay “cool” well, that’s great then and then moves on and then you’re sitting there pulling 

Your hair out and be like, what are you thinking? I’m not buying and it’s this funny thing where you just said yeah I’m fine and the guy actually thought that sure sometimes he’s ignoring it but sometimes yeah. 


“Tap into the male psychology and make sure your man never even *thinks* about another woman… just by sending this crazy attention pulling text message!”


5. Love and respect.

One that you’re not gonna hear a lot most likely is that the guy wants your love and respect. yes, they may do things in order to get that and that goes back to the passion point from earlier.

But you’re not gonna hear from them oh hey “can you just give me more love or send more love my way or respect” you know that kind of thing.

Obviously, from a guy’s side, we need to actually do things that cause and create love and respect right? so it’s both sides to that thing but also guys won’t ask for it.

So look for ways that you can share more love and respect and again it’s not oh bedroom it could be just going out on dates.

It could be going out and hanging out with great people it can be just going out yourselves like maybe find something you can do together such as hiking on a weekend morning 

6.Different interests.

All right, Number six this was very interesting because you’re allowed to have different interests and a guy won’t necessarily say that. a girl won’t necessarily say that.

 However, it’s okay to have separate interests. You don’t necessarily need to do everything together all the time every day. unless you want to in which case okay cool do it.

That’s fantastic but it doesn’t make your relationship any worse off because you have things that you have different interests in or want to spend time apart.

A guy would never ask to say hey “I want to spend time apart” he may say hey “I’m gonna go out with my friends and go out and do some things”, and you know or have a guys night or whatever and that’s okay. Allow that to occur some right?

Again some people literally want to do everything all the time every day always together and that’s okay that’s what you want for your relationship.

There are a lot of guys and girls out there who don’t necessarily want to do that and so

If you, it’s okay to have him go out and do a guy’s night.

7. He wants you to succeed.

 Let me tell you this from my personal experience. I love seeing my wife succeed. I love seeing her succeed. it’s one of my favorite things period hand down of anything in the world. I love seeing her succeed and so take the opportunity to actually spend time on your career, on your job, on your life on whatever you need to do so that you’re succeeding.

“Tap into the male psychology and make sure your man never even *thinks* about another woman… just by sending this crazy attention pulling text message!”

 If you’re gonna take on a hobby, go and do it. It’ll be really good at it be a professional at it if you’re gonna get going in your work

Then be a professional in it. If you need help, talk to your spouse in a way that says hey “I need your help” I can use your advice on how to handle this situation”.

Maybe they bring a different viewpoint. maybe they bring up some good points

right and so listen and take those into account that could be a good way to go.