how to understand Your attraction

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Do you find yourself continually attracted to the wrong person? if you say “yes” to that, there are reasons that you’re going back to someone who’s not in your best interest or that will never work out for you in a relationship.

The most common problems people have are- They end up settling for someone that they should have never. If you find that you’re one of those people and you’re more afraid of being alone than finding the right person.

let me ask you some things?

when you were growing up, what were your parents like to each other? how did they feel loved? what made them feel loved was your dad willing to commit to a relationship and really try to keep things together.

was he loving you and your mom? how was your mom loving to your dad? was she loving to you or did she use words to hurt you so much? who we’re attracted to is really dependent on what kind of parents we grew up to, and with and what we saw look at your own life what do you want in life?

Do you want someone that’ supportive or are you willing to find someone to be with who doesn’t have your interests at heart?

Many times when kids grew up with abuse or they saw their parents being abused, they learned that that’s how you treat someone you loved and that isn’t it at all. sometimes when we ask ourselves these real questions, they’re painful and we begin to feel critical of ourselves but that’s not my intention is to empower you.

when you know yourself when you’re asking yourself the real questions, does my partner have my best interests at heart? when I have a des can I count on my partner to listen to me? and rather than judging me support me or am I willing to be there for them?

Do I envision us together? if you want to get married or you want a long-term happy relationship? that means you have to come to your own sense of facts about who you are and what you want. otherwise, you’ll never find that.

 Sometimes people hook up with other people because they have an idea of what they want. like I want someone tall alright want someone dark or I want someone with blue eyes you.   You want to be in control. You want to be able to have someone else that you can control like you can put them out as a trophy that is never gonna lead to a love that is never going to lead to a partner who is invested in your best interests.

So if you find yourself attracted to the wrong types continually one after another after another, it has nothing to do with them. it has everything to do with you and you can make the difference. If you’re willing to go back and do some of that painful work of asking yourself some questions.

my whole motivation is to help people have healthy relationships because I know if you have a healthy relationship you’re going to end up with a healthy family a healthy community and a healthy society and that’s really what leads to happiness.

What makes you attracted to someone?

Attraction is an unexplainable (affective) longing or perhaps a feeling of desire for another being regardless of whether it physical or romantic.

Attraction is unfathomable. sometimes, it’s difficult to ascertain what brings you closer to another person or the realization that you can’t control your emotions and thoughts from them.

The task of hormones.

More often than not, love and attraction are connected with various bodily secretions such as endorphins, testosterone, estrogen, and serotonin.
the attraction is also linked¬†with higher levels of the hormone, serotonin Numerous studies indicate that contact increases oxytocin, the love hormone. As you spend more time with someone, get to know them better, you’ll fall in love. and be attracted to them which makes the perfect sense as those hormones control and coordinate activities throughout the body.

Can you sense if someone is attracted to you?

regrettably, it is difficult to know whether an individual is attracted to you or not. Often, someone might be attracted to you. however, he might not express it. My advice to you is only to live your life and trust your instincts.