how to text a guy to keep him interested.

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when it comes to messaging guys, it’s not as easy or straightforward as it looks ( at least if you’re attempting to get a guy’s attention in a romantic way) however, following these texting rules can help keep your man hooked.

OK, let’s get started.

#1. Showing him that you have other priorities, hobbies interests besides him.

When it comes to texting guys, one of the key obstacles is: When you make your guy feel like he is the most important person in your life, he will no longer be emotionally attached to you.

oftentimes men have this natural tendency to pursue women. it’s in their DNA. if he doesn’t get that hunger and desire from you, he might lose interest. And of course, that’s doesn’t mean playing mind games or manipulating your man. however, quite the reverse.

I’m asking you to cultivate your interests, hobbies, passions outside of your relationship with this guy.

Do not dedicate all your attention to your job, spend time with your friends, your loved ones, and your families, and focus on what you enjoy the most.

sometimes you’ve got to say no whenever he wants to make plans and send him a text like this

 “I’d love to go out tonight, but; I am taking my best friend to her painting class.” “Is Thursday doable?” 

Once he figures out that you’re the best, he’ll chase you( he will Eventually think about commitment and share a huge part of his life with you).

#2. No matter what happens, be optimistic.

Getting to know a guy is simple—once you get to know him, It’s fairly easier to start complaining and whining about the bad facets of your life. talking about your concerns or worries to a partner is good, however, this can create a vulnerable and intriguing situation by pushing the guy away.

If you continuously complain about your troubles, inevitably your man will come to the conclusion that you cannot take responsibility for yourself. Even worse, he may feel guilty for making you feel the way you feel.

Do your best to smile and strive to be optimistic.

Keep your text messages consistent with this. onde he sees how Exhibiting a lively optimism your text is, he’s going to want more and more of your text.

#3.avoid saying “Hey”.

unfortunately, this is on the most boring ways to express greetings. There are countless ways to intensify a man’s desires and make him want you more. Of course, sometimes we’re sluggish, however, sounding 10 times sexier or attractive doesn’t take that much effort. you might want to say something like:

 “Hey sweetheart!-how was your interview today?” or Good to see you again, what have you been up to? 

What kind of cuisine do you have in mind?

Adding Even a little effort gives him something to respond to on. Make sure to remember this tip whenever you planning to text your man.

#4. Don’t reply too soon or at the very last minute.

The more quickly you respond to his text messages, the more available he’ll think you are.on other hand but in that respect, if you ignore him for a few days, he will become disinterested and he’ll think you’ve stopped thinking for him.

The important thing here is to react in a timely manner and to sometimes remain quiet for a couple of hrs. this should be natural as long as you have followed tip #1( (which is to make sure you have plenty to do outside of your relationship).)

But there is nothing wrong with “creating the illusion of success” before you actually succeed. Once you’ve understood this basic idea, your man is will be at your feet like a faithful pet.”

#5. Stop texting him every day.

Conceivably, if he doesn’t reply, do not text him until he replies. this is essential in the early stages of dating. If you text him a lot, he’ll think you are desperate and A stage five clinger(someone that just won’t give up on you).

This is the worst possible first impression to make on a man. Instead, give yourself a moment to catch your breath and play it cool. Wait for your turn.

There could be a lot of different explanations as to why he isn’t responding right away. he might be at Work, education, or family may be one of them.

#6 Give special attention to how you Personalize your text messages.

When it comes to the quality of the text messages, don’t write like a 14-year-old. It is usually true that guys don’t really enjoy reading novels especially if it’s about sensitive topics. Save That conversation for when you guys meet in person.

Texting is merely a vehicle to allow your man to feel comfortable and get him to go on actual dates.

When using text messages, please take into consideration the seriousness of the discussion and avoid starting any arguments.

Everyone likes to be entertained, and texting is a relatively simple way to show your personality.No matter how odd you THINK you are, YOU can always use text him jokes, GIFs, photographs, or videos to make HIM laugh and lighten his mood.

Don’t be afraid to send him memes f you find something amusing or funny. This is the best way to communicate with a guy through text. Having a guy to laugh at your jokes increases his interest in you, particularly if you make him laugh sometimes.