9 Signs he’s not into You And It’s Time To Move On

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Have you ever dated a guy and just felt like you had no idea where you stood with him? You Want to know the signs he gives when he’s just not into you. It’s all going to cover 10 signs he’s not into you. before I get into these ten signs he’s not interested in you. I just want to touch on how things should look when he is into you.

In the beginning, if he is into you, there will probably be zero doubt in your mind that he likes you.

The first three months of the honeymoon phase of being in a relationship with him is the most exciting, it’s the most fun for you.

guys should be having an absolute blast. What you don’t want to be experiencing is that hot-cold feeling a guy flip-flops between you or just sensing that you’re in this gray area with him and you don’t really know how he feels about you.

So let’s jump right now into those nine signs so you know exactly what to look for so you can spare yourself the trouble in the time of spending even one minute with a guy who might be stringing you along.

1.You will not meet his best friend.

If he doesn’t involve you in his life, introducing you to his friends and family, and giving you a chance to meet them, not just because he thinks you’re the one. In fact, he doesn’t see any future in which you are a part of it. And bear in mind that he might not picture himself being in a relationship with anyone in the future.

2.He doesn’t have future plans that include you.

The future plans that a man is making, and which do not include you, demonstrate that he is not the man for you. It doesn’t have to be dramatic. It can be something as simple as changing his job or moving to South America. He isn’t committed if he doesn’t do things like simply telling you what your initiatives are for the coming years. As well as, of course, you shouldn’t be either: you’re capable of the plans you want to make. And hence, find the right person to have a plan with you in the near future, in the medium term, and for the long haul.

3.You have a feeling in your gut that tells you he is not interested.

In most cases, your instincts are usually correct. In addition to listening to your intuition, be courageous and just start questioning him straight up about his feelings for you. In order to better identify your innate intuition from other forms of imagery, there are many things you can do.

The first step is to pay attention to your body and its signals.

Focusing practices, when used together, will allow you to focus better and calm down, which will enable you to properly assess what is happening.

When looking at your images from the intuition lens, try to identify wild speculation or projections you see in them.

4.His standards are sometimes inconsistent.

You’ll be constantly texting all day long, but then he only responds to you with one-word messages (if you get a response at all).

Do not forget that someone who wants you will always make an effort to see you. When a guy’s not into you, he will be inconsiderate and selective about the time he spends with you. So now you may wonder: why would someone see you if he isn’t interested?

That’s a great question. A guy prefers having options because to him, it’s better to have something rather than nothing.

That is terrible, but it’s the truth. In a type of situation where he does not really know how he feels about you, you could be in trouble.

What he will do is nothing more than the bare minimum in order to keep you around.

So, he will only see you if there are no other options, but it is guaranteed that you will be at the back of the queue while someone with a better option sees the light of day.

5.Let’s Have fun and keep things casual.

It is a huge deal when you choose to be exclusive with each other, and it does not always happen immediately.

You might find yourself saying, “You know, I thought you were ready to go out with me, but he keeps saying no I’m not.” Have fun and keep things casual.” you’ve got to believe him because he is not into you at all.

He is quite obviously not deeply in love with you, and he’s content to keep checking you out.

6.He sees you only twice a week.

While there are many things he doesn’t like about you, this is presumably the most obvious.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that connecting doesn’t mean making phone calls or texting; instead, some guys who are not interested in you will message you frequently.

You just have to put in a little effort. When you don’t see your guy (or a long-distance relationship) more than twice or less per week, it’s time to get a new partner.

7.He doesn’t make himself vulnerable to you.

Men hate feeling vulnerable, which is why no one likes to wear their insecurities on their sleeves. However, vulnerability possesses some kind of intrinsic power.

This is because it encourages us to become connected to one another. In order to really know someone, you must delve deeper than the flamboyant into the dysfunctional.


The real journey of love begins there. There is a downside to his openness: if he uses those vulnerabilities to conceal his intentions and to avoid spending time together, that’s also a signal.

You will probably feel like the third, fourth, or fifth choice instead of being the favorite. It can be very frustrating when you realize that he is not trying to put in the effort that you are, which can make you wonder if he is even trying.

Investing time in a person with this particular behavior now would be a big mistake. When you notice that the spark is gone and you’re having to work hard to get his attention, you may need to seek out another prospect.

When you have a connection with someone, everything is effortless and also makes you feel like you’re an important priority to him.

8.Jealousy is not an issue for him.

In the event that a guy is interested in you, he will be affected if you are dating other people.

If he behaves as if he doesn’t care, or encourages you to pursue other relationships, this could be one of the strongest indicators that he is not interested in pursuing that anywhere serious with you.

9.He has made it clear that he is not interested in a relationship.

This is a subtle way of telling you that he isn’t interested in you. He is implying that he does not want any relationship. You may well not be getting the full story, but either way, you’re not after a guy who lives up to your expectations.