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8 Signs he’s crazy about you

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Are you in a relationship and unsure of his feelings? Although knowing his feelings can be a pretty difficult topic to navigate during the early stages of a relationship, there are more than enough signs that he is completely smitten with you and crazy about you.

Initially, it may be difficult to tell because you are still trying to wrap your head inside what this guy is all about.

Guys are not as forthcoming as women are, and it’s frequently difficult to discern what they’re saying and thinking. Rather than verbally expressing his feelings to a woman, he usually demonstrates them through his behavior.

If he exhibits any one of the following signs, this fella is most likely committed and he is crazy about you.

He is in for the longer term:

The following are eight things that a man will do only if he is insanely in love with you:

1 He adds you on his social media.

This man has nothing to try and hide or “clean up” on his profiles prior to adding you as a companion.

And furthermore, he wants to chase you a little— he seems to want to see whether you have close friends, he really wants to see what significant moments you’ve shared on Instagram, and he wants to know you better online in a number of different ways.

2He respects your perspective.

A man who is completely obsessed with you will honor you and be concerned with your opinions.

He’ll solicit your advice on both minor and major matters-whether it’s which tie to dress up to his business meeting or whether he might really pursue that advancement in another department.

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Your opinion is valuable to him, and he will actively seek your advice as just another way to integrate you into his life.

3 He’s not making you doubt.

You will know if a guy is interested in you. He will communicate with you, either through his actions and statements. He’ll ensure that you feel cared for, and he’ll never leave you wondering about his motivations or wishing he’d done things differently.

4 When others are present, he displays public exclusivity.

A man who really is inside you will want to know that the world knows you are his and that he is yours. Although it is lovely and delicate, little public action, like a hug and a kiss, says that he is crazy about you. If he wasn’t crazy about you, he would not endeavor to appear exclusive to the public.

If he is truly interested in you, he will ask you a question and get to understand you personally.

He’ll enjoy listening to you speak, and he’ll enquire about all the small questions necessary to learn as much about you as possible.

He’ll inquire about your early life and express genuine interest in your first girlfriend and the hamster funeral you and your friend attended.

Additionally, he will recall those minor details. He’ll take them seriously in subsequent discussions and respond to anything you mentioned previously.

5.He wishes you a good morning and a good night via text.

If a man is truly interested in you and crazy about you, he will strive to be the last person you speak with at night and the very first person you speak with within the early hours.

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Every day, he seems to want you to be the first and last priority in his mind! This goes to show you how important you are in his life.

He will simply be incapable of playing damn difficult to get in with the girl he genuinely loves.

6. Scheduling upcoming plans and dates.

While everyone enjoys a little naturalness in their relationships, a man who is literally insane about you will make a plan with you. You’ll find him arranging a date for this summer break as well as an opportunity to see you throughout the week.

Additionally, he wants to ensure that you’ll be a long-term part of his life, which is why you might find him discussing arrangements with you for the upcoming spring or early summer.

7. He is not afraid to confront you.

When you two disagree, he is not afraid of a verbal argument. He recognizes the strength of your relationship and the importance of going the extra mile to ensure it works. If he has no interest in your relationship, he will not argue with you.

8. Without skipping a beat, he explores future plans.

You do not have to coerce him into making future plans. He wishes to book flights with you or things that are quite distant in the future. He also may discuss a future with you, even though it is abstract or hypothetical.

Any discussion of the long term, even if it is simply to visit a place together, is an accurate indication of his feelings and how crazy he is about you.

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If your partner does these things, he is unquestionably mad about you… but that is not the only way he can demonstrate his affection! What additional actions has your man taken to demonstrate his affection for you?