How To Tell If He Is Seeing Other Women

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Are you exhausted from being anxious or perhaps nervous that your partner is seeing someone else? Well, you are not alone and I’ll be going through some of the signs that your partner is seeing other women.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear idea whether your boyfriend or perhaps husband is seeing other women.

Remember that there are several reasons as to why he might be seeing other women. It could be maybe he is not happy with you to start with in regards with this relationship.

 It could be maybe he is not receiving the emotional attention that he wanted from you or perhaps he maybe wants to get back at you because he is so upset and furious or lastly he may have fantasies that he needs to be fulfilled. 

unquestionably Before we proceed with the signs of him seeing other women, you should be as careful as possible before getting ahead of yourself and accusing him of seeing other women.

Nevertheless, seeing three or perhaps four of these signs will probably not be sufficient to judge him and it will be good for you to not let the cat out of the bag until you are unquestionably certain and positive that he is seeing other women.

1.He always blames you for seeing other men. 

This is a way for him to redirect the whole issue onto you. He regularly blames you and accuses of you seeing other men when in reality he is the one who is ultimately seeing other women.

This is also an indication that he is perhaps guilty and that he wants you to take the blame.

In other words he is showing you his true colors and that means you should be conscious.

2.He always conceals his phone. 

In any relationship, honesty and trustworthiness is perhaps one of the most essential elements one could ever ask for.however, if your boyfriend/husband has something to keep out of your sight, the first thing that comes to his mind  is hiding his phone from you and keeping you in the dark.  

watch out to what your partner is doing when he’s hanging out with you.

  • Does he always put his phone on silent mode?
  •  Does he turn phone notifications off?
  • Is he always attached to his phone even when going to the restroom and staying for a longer period?

All of these are possibilities that he may be seeing other women.

He is keeping his contact and conversions a secrets and he doesn’t want you to discover any of them.

Furthermore he always fails to show you any photos on his phone because he is nervous of you finding something else.

3. He tends to hold companionship with other women that you’ve never seen. 

This one is an enormous alert or perhaps warning. In any relationship, knowing your partners family members and friends is very important.

That means developing close connections and bonds with them which will surely increase the love between both of you.

In a nutshell you want your partner to like and perhaps approve of your loved ones. 

Therefore, if he is hiding and keeps you in the dark by maintaining a closer relationship with this unknown female friend of his, then you should probably know that he is seeing another woman.

You’ve got to question his rationale and intentions if he’s not introducing you to his new unknown female friend.

4. Your intuition is frightening.

You’ve got to always follow your intuition. It never lets you down and perhaps that’s why it’s called a women’s six sense.

If you suspect that something is perhaps off or you find an awkward text message on his phone awhile ago or perhaps you remember something he told you when he met you.

Putting all suspicions together will give you the perfect imaging of this man. All of these boils down to following your intuition.

Never doubt yourself. At the end of the day, you want to protect your precious heart and that’s the ultimate goal. Combat the urge to dismiss your instinct and intuition.

5. His Social media is just null and void. 

In today’s word of technology and social networking sites, it’s quite common for partners to post their loved ones.

If he is not posting your pics and perhaps your get-together pics on Facebook or perhaps Instagram, he might be seeing other women.

obviously, some people don’t like to use social media, but still he has to show the mass that he’s already taken(AKA by you). So that no one is going to mess with him.


In summary here are the top signs that he might be seeing other women 

1.He tends to hold companionship with other women that you’ve never seen.

 2.Your intuition is telling you which is freaking good.

3.His Social media is just null and void.

4.He always conceals his phone.

 5.He always blames you for seeing other men.



All in all, you’ve got to recognize and have the ability to see the red flags from the get go and focus on your happiness and well-being.

That is what really matters than having someone who is using your trust to his advantage.

The whole world would have been a much more beautiful place if exclusivity was taken seriously. but then again that’s not the reality.

Ask your boyfriend his true feelings and intentions or perhaps what his motives are?

If you suspect something or perhaps the red flags of seeing other women keep piling up, then you should consider and make a decision on your own.


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