the best qualities of magnetic, charming personalities.

qualities of magnetic, charming personalities.
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Do you want to be charming, magnetic, and attract people to you here are 10 traits of naturally charming and magnetic people.

#1. They’re good listeners.

When you talk to them, they’re focused on you. They make eye contact, they listen and engage by asking questions then expanding and deepening the conversation they make you feel heard and say the result of those feelings is feeling more connected with them.

when someone truly listens it makes them sticky. In other words, it makes you want more of them you want to open up, and as you open your mouth and share your thoughts your heart opens to.

#2. They speak clearly direct focused assertive and sweet authentic

Loving is a conversation style that I call power feminine communication. It’s clearly expressed, straightforward, and Easily understandable. There are no games. The message isn’t couched or hidden. It’s not aggressive or manipulative. It is clear and direct communication and it’s easy and even disarming when someone is disarmed they trust and they feel safe.

#3. They ask for advice

Asking for advice is disarming. it communicates that you trust them and starts to create an environment of safety and Trust by practicing. I’ll show you mine now, you show me yours, you are being the example of your expectation and modeling what you hope to have mirrored back to you by showing that you value their opinion and perspective very simply.

 It makes someone feel good to know that their opinion is wanted and respected then, once their opinion is shared they are now invested in you because they have given you their perspective. 

Once someone invests in you, they want to stay close to their investment and they want to be wanted by you later. When they aren’t in your presence, they might think about you wondering if you took in and use their insight advice and opinion they now feel partially responsible for the outcome.

#4. They are authentic and genuine

A genuine person is also disarming when someone drops their facade. They’re showing you that they trust you enough and feel safe enough With you to allow you to truly see them when someone else drops their guard and facade.

It will allow you to feel safe to drop your facade to when they’re real you’ll be real to once you’re both real you’re open and when you’re open and raw and feeling something you have the potential for feeling for each other.

#5. They ditch their phones when someone ditches their phone.

They’re communicating to you and only you that you matter and that your time is valued and valuable and that at this moment you are the most important person to them. They don’t feel the need to be open and available to anyone else their full attention is dedicated to you and that makes you feel special

#6. They use your name and conversations as simply as it is.

when someone says your name, it shows you that they remembered your name. When you introduce yourself and set your name they cared enough to actually listen you made enough of an impression that they wanted to remember your name and therefore, they are probably still listening to what you have to say.

They like you and we like to be liked it’s a natural human trait.

#7. They don’t name.

They don’t need to use anyone else’s names to substantiate their worth because they bring enough value and they don’t need anyone else to amplify them. They’re relaxed and self-assured enough to be alone even when someone else is in the same skin or perhaps without having to justify themselves to anyone.

#8. They acknowledge other’s Accomplishments.

A charming person doesn’t feel the need to be the only one who’s shining. They aren’t afraid to acknowledge other’s accomplishments not afraid that they’ll overshadow their own. They believe that they will benefit if we all shine.

They believe that when you shine they shine too because when they let you shine some of your light on them when you feel good you associate that good feeling with the person who makes you feel that way and now, you two are connected

#9. They pick up on nonverbal cues.

Body language is more communicative than words. You might be saying one thing but displaying something else and it’s what you’re showing that speaks your truth. When a charming person picks up on and responds to your nonverbal communication as if those are the words you’re speaking, they’re showing you that they’re really hearing you and seeing you.

They get you and they care enough to pay attention to what you are non-verbally saying when someone sees you truly see you you feel exposed and within that exposure, you feel like you’ve shared your secret and therefore you’re connected with

#10. They skip the small talk small

Talk is forgettable conversations of depth are memorable. They go deep both in what you say and how they make you feel.

Having conversations of depth tap into your emotions and your truth, they make you feel allowing your heart to open. When your heart opens, it opens to the possibility of feeling for them and that makes them as I said before sticky and that they are more memorable and you want more of them the next day.

 after having a real conversation, you’re gonna sink back you’re gonna remember them because you’re gonna remember something that they said that touched you that opens you that made you feel. 

so those are 10 traits of naturally charming and therefore disarming people who are magnetic people who you want to be around more people who are attractive and can attract in.