how to survive a long distance relationship for a long period of time

Long Distance Relationship
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Are you in a long-distance relationship? have you ever heard of one being successful? well, I think long-distance relationships can rock and the reason I think they can rock is that they offer an incredible ability to a court or to get to know your partner.

Now, there is one caveat and that is for a long-distance relationship to work really great, that means you’re going to have to see your partner at least every two to three weeks and that’s because the physical part of a relationship is very important.

1. State your expectations before you ever begin one

being able to touch a person adds something that no matter how intimate it is, it’s going to be missing. If you can’t have that the number one most important thing is that you actually lay all your cards on the table. In other words,

It’s what you hold back that can ruin a long-distance relationship a

2. Communication

If you think communication is important in a regular relationship and it is it’s so much more important in a long-distance relationship. You have to be able to express yourself, express your love long distance and that is not easy. however, social media has made that easier because

  • You can text,
  • You can email,
  • You can write love letter emails,
  • You can let the person know on Facebook
  • You can share a Facebook page.
  • You can write a blog together

There are so many opportunities for that

3. You need to keep growing.

You cannot stay the way you were and expect or hope that your partner comes back and sees you that is not okay. So evolved in other words, you don’t have to ask permission to get involved in the groups, and the things that you want to do work outdo other things

Make sure that you keep yourself interesting. This is going to add spice to the relationship. You’re going to share these things with your partner. They don’t want you to stop being interesting. The whole reason they’re with you is they find you fascinating

4. Add intimacy

Now, I admit adding intimacy is really difficult because it’s so much easier when you’re physically there but there are things you can do like a photo a day. keeps the blues away. Just make sure it’s a photo that you’re proud of rather than a body part that might get distorted.

what I want you to think about are things like sharing shirts. Maybe you can have his shirt with his cologne so you can smell it more. for you guys, you can have one of her shirts or pillowcase that has her perfume.

You know the olfactory centers are very linked in with intimacy and sex centers and so it’s important that you introduce smell.

Go to your favorite restaurants together and get your partner on FaceTime and then go ahead and talk to them there. It’ll be like you’re still having a cup of coffee in the same place you always did.

5. Keep that family involved

You’re good friends, you need them for support and you need them for just comfort during the long duration before you see your partner again. Share what your family is saying and what’s going on with them with your partner. This continues to increase your love and it expands your ability for the family which is so important in a long-distance relationship.

I want you to always think about a vision of where is this relationship going like. are you guys thinking of a long-term engagement? are you thinking of you’re going to live this way one year two years.

visions in a relationship help sustain it and it’s really important in a long-distance relationship because you can start feeling kind of down and like where is this going? is it ever good at and are we ever going to be together? so a vision keeps it centered.

It keeps it focused

6. Lastly, be positive

When you lose your faith or you lose your ability to sustain the time in-between visits that really brings your partner down for you ladies. Remember guys need your appreciation and your gratitude. for you guys ladies need to know that they’re secure that they’re the only ones. The more you’re able to express that to your partner the better your relationship is going to be.