9 ways to improve your skills of adding intimacy to your relationship.

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Today’s topic is intimacy. isn’t sex and sex isn’t intimacy. 10 ways to improve your skills of adding intimacy to your relationship.

Now I don’t know what you think about intimacy for the most part many people are confused about it. many couples will say you know “I’m just not getting sex anymore, I feel abandoned I feel alone I have to end this marriage because I don’t get we don’t have sex anymore” they begin understanding how they really feel

What they really mean is that they no longer feel connected. they no longer have intimacy because you see sex alone in a marriage a lack of it won’t kill the marriage. however,  a lack of intimacy will and most divorces are actually caused by a lack of intimacy not a lack of sex .

So I’m going to run through ten ways that you can actually improve your intimacy to restore that connection you have with each other.

These are skills and you don’t have to go anywhere. You don’t have to have any money. It comes down to you and your partner committing and basically saying “we want a great marriage let’s create it together”,

#1. Schedule time in each day to reconnect.

That means talking doing something together. True happiness can only be found by spending time with the one you love if it is nurtured over time. Scheduling out a date for hours together strengthens long-term relationships. This can be achieved in various ways such as Cook Dinner Together, Enjoy Late Night Dessert, and perhaps Volunteer Together.

#2. Listen without interruption.

Listen with the idea of when you do respond. make sure you fully listened and understood what your partner said and ask yourself before you respond. is this necessary? is it true is it kind? if it’s not you don’t really have to respond just listen.

Remember to Be receptive to your companion and reflect on what they are doing. If It is time for your partner to have a say. It’s their turn, so be a good listener and try to hear how they feel.

#3. Watch your movies or listen to old music

But anything that used to bond you from the past talk about it and restore that. It’s an extremely important thing to share your favorite music with your partner. Music is linked to our memories in a natural way.

You might unexpectedly remember you can amuse yourself by singing a song if it’s raining outside; and even though you don’t have a precise mood in mind, you can just as easily conceive of one.

#4. when you are sexual make it about pleasing your partner.

There is no goal in sex in fact if it’s nothing more than touching and feeling connected that is enough in that’s so important that’s
more important than any other thing you would ever get from sex.

#5. In a crowd or any kind of event keep your eyes on your partner

Stay connected which makes your partner feel better. If your eyes are everywhere in a crowd on other people and you only give minimal time to your spouse makes them feel like why am I here with this person. they don’t really need me they don’t really want me they’re not really proud of me to connect my I can’t contact

#6. Tell your spouse frequently how much you admire them.

What they mean to you and by frequently. I mean frequently as many times as you can think. Everybody needs to know they’re appreciated and admired by their spouse.

Relationships all about finding a balance between being fed with kindness, showing appreciation, and supporting them.

It’s very important for you to tell him and give him the words and let him know just how important he is to you.

#7. Ask your spouse for help with your weaknesses rather than always getting defensive

And finding yourself defending why you act the way you do. Ask your partner hey “next time aya clingy will you help me?” will you encourage me with other things?” I want to get over this. That way, you’re really helping each other you’re building and creating a marriage that’s gonna work and be fantastic for both of you.

#8. Think about revisiting old towns old restaurants you went to when you first met.

And talk about your memories of how you felt on that first day. How your partner made you feel about yourself. These things are very important and they make the other person feel humorous

Also like wow this person was really in love with me if only I had known that but I know now next when your partner’s down remembered you have an opportunity to build them up or tear them down more than anybody else choose to build them up it’ll take the marriage and the relationship in a much better space and

#9. pray for your relationship.

Lastly, when you go to bed hold hands together, when you first go to bed and pray for your relationship. You know we’re so used to praying for other people. We sometimes forget to pray for our relationship. The family who prays together really does stay together.

These tips can help you restore that connection. Nobody wants to connect to a relationship or a marriage if there’s
nothing emotionally connected to.

So do it today practice your skills and keep up with renovating relationships.