page title icon How To Tell If A Guy Is A Player (Instantly reveal if he’s a player!)

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Being played is awful. As a man, I hate to mention it, but there are quite a few men who like to play women ALL the time.

Today, ill be giving you some accurate, ways and signs to look for to tell if a guy is a player. so that you can spot it early on
in the future and never be hurt by this type of guy again.

#1 He’s emotionally unavailable.

have you ever found yourself thinking, “Hmm, is he really a human being or a machine? if that is the case, he’s probably not, He’s trying to hide his feelings. You will only see the only emotions that he wants. because when a man is fooling around and having sex with lots of women, the worst that last he wants to do is open up emotionally.

he wants to engage and continue what he is doing as long as possible. he wants to keep playing and hide his emotional side from you. he looks dead to you however, in reality, he is hiding his emotional side from you.

#2. He’s almost too smooth.

This guy comes to you across the room to get his attention. he Introduces himself, pulls up a chair, and sits down and chat you up. as if he had it all written down exactly in his head already. There was really no other way?

If this were true, it would certainly be too good to be true. meaning he’s really good at flirting and it’s a learnable skill, chances are the guys who are really, really good at doing it are talking to lots and lots of women, so be careful. he might be a player and the only thing he wants is to play the game.

#3. There is no doubt that the relationship revolves around sex.

he only looks forward to an meet with him, if he knows it will lead to sex. that’s the only time he is going to meet up with you. he only thinks about sex every now and then.

#4. He is very secretive.

The fifth aspect is that he is generally eager to get to know your mates, friends but you might never be able to meet or even know his friends or his mates certainly, he will impress your friends and get to know them so that he can impress you and he can sleep with you because he doesn’t want his friends to reveal a secret and end up spilling the beans. he is very secretive about his life most of the time. you’ve got to be very careful about this guy. he is surely a player.

#5. His entire life is a total mess.

he hops from one job to another and never keeps long enough. he moves from Los Angeles this week to London next week. he’s on the move constantly. the idea of commitment, Love, Empathy Communication is probably not in his current core values and interests.

he’s probably trying to figure out what to do with his life at the moment. this means that he is not good at the moment. he might be sleeping with other women if his life is a total mess.

#6 He’s attached to his phone like a dog guards a bone.

It’s where he’s kept track of all his women’s contact. If he’s hiding his phone all the time, It’s surely an indication that a man is a player. he might be multi-dating which happens all the time. however, if this goes on longer, you might need to reconsider the relationship because he is a player.

#7 making plans and not follow through.

He often talks about plans but he never has the courage to implement them. So unlike a man who’s into you, he never follows through with the plan. he will only tell you what you want to hear. he’s likely to say that he will see you tomorrow but he never shows up and the worst part is that he always has excuses as to why the plans he made don’t end up happening.

If he is constantly making plans and not following through, that’s a strong signal that he is a player.

#8. He gets furious or despondent When he’s challenged or rejected by you.

So in one way, players have to consider being at odds with others. They’re very used to games, but don’t expect to win all the time. as long as he thinks he’s winning, he will not lose his composure. When a player becomes persuaded that he can’t win, that he can’t have sex or intimate relations, he gets furious or despondent. he’s going to insult you because you’ve challenged him rejected home. he will go insane because he’s not winning the game anymore. he’s surely a player. you’ve got to be very careful.


in summary here ways and signs to look for to tell if a guy is a player.

  • 1 he's emotionally unavailable.
  • 2. He's almost too smooth.
  • 3. There is no doubt that the relationship revolves around sex.
  • 4. he is very secretive
  • 5.his entire life is a total mess.
  • 6 he's attached to his phone like a dog guards a bone.
  • 7 making plans and not follow through.
  • 8. he gets furious or despondent When he's challenged or rejected by you.