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how to make a guy jealous

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Is your boyfriend a little less affectionate and present these days? If that is the case, it’s probably time to let him know how much you appreciate his current girlfriend. If you are trying to get your boyfriend’s attention, it is better to arouse his jealousy than to reinforce his perceptions of you as needy.

While being cruel will most certainly enrage your boyfriend, taking time to have fun and make him jealous shows that you are a tough girl who does not need him for emotional support. You should make an effort to form good relationships with him and others.

Even so, these are seven great ways to excite your lover and increase his desire for you.

1.Dismiss his message messages and calls –

Ignore his texts and phone calls. Phone calls also mean the same. Clearly indicate to him that you are not available to him at all times. Let him know that you are happy doing things with just a small group of people.

Give your man the impression that you’re on social media but that you’re not contacting him.

2.Invite Him to Challenge You

Until now, we’ve emphasized that you should avoid answering his calls or messages instantly. Instead, give him the challenge of competing for your recognition in all possible venues, as that is the only method to develop feelings of helplessness and insecurity.

If he rolls up his pants and starts working for you, it will force him to acknowledge that he has lost you because you have found someone or something else more important to you.

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It is a harsh realization for him to accept that he is now an option, rather than a priority.

3. speaking openly about your ex.

If you want your guy to be jealous, just talk about your ex. And while I’m on the subject, apropos of nothing: It’s more about talking positively about your ex in order to generate jealousy in your current significant other, so he gets nervous and nervous.

Guys love to compete, that’s why you see so many guys competing. to continually strive to be smarter than other men, to get attention and be commended for their accomplishments is inherent in them He will see this as a challenge to beat his ex’s high standards.

4.Enjoy the company of friends.

Men experience a certain amount of insecurity when women go out without them. A recurring fear that someone else will make advances on her, which may cause her to cheat on her current partner.

If you want to get your boyfriend jealous, dress in a very sexy outfit, apply a lot of makeup and wear your hair in a lovely hairstyle.

He’ll go crazy when he notices that you look great, and he’ll refuse to stand for other guys getting an opportunity to see you look great. Jealousy will drive him crazy until you return home.

5.It’s okay to let him know that you don’t need him.

A guy is more inclined to help his girlfriend because doing so reassures him that he is masculine and valuable. Instead, try something different. Don’t ask your boyfriend for any help. Instead, invite another male friend to lend a hand.

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He might also be willing to help you relocate from one location to another. Then inform your partner that you had a fantastic time hanging out with your guy colleague in your new house.

That means you’ll see an image in your head of a man in a T-shirt and workout shorts assisting you to relocate all of your furnishings. It will make him truly jealous while at the same time, causing him to feel regret not offering you any assistance.

6.Convey a sense of mystery.

It’s been said that a woman who is not secretive is like the sky itself, devoid of stars. What if you want to enliven your relationship by remaining mysterious for a short time, and then see what your significant other will do?

He is likely to keep his emotions in check for a while, but eventually, they will boil over. Your mysterious behavior will remain unexplained, and he will be curious if you’re doing it to hide an affair.

Even though he may be jealous, he doesn’t want to appear so, so he will not question your intentions.

7.Tell him you must stay late to complete your work.

Although your boyfriend might not mind if you stay late while working, he will most certainly change his mind if you inform him that it is just you and a male co-worker in the office.

While they’re at work, they fall in love and make out, just like in a lot of Hollywood movies. He’ll calm down only when he believes you were just doing your job.