How to Get a Man to Commit-5 Tips That Will Always Work

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You Have been seeing this guy for quite a while and you’re really liking him. things are fine. However, he isn’t bringing up the commitment conversation. Hence you’re left with confusion. well, I’m about to mystify this process for you today?

I’m super excited today because I’m gonna be sharing with you five essential forces that are a mystery for a guy to want to commit to you.

Now, here’s the situation. You probably had this happen to you where you find the guy was amazing. he seems to be the bright guy.

 things are happening he starts taking a lot of action all of a sudden his interest starts going down and when the time comes work something needs to happen for both of you to move forward and except he freezes he gets cold feet. 

He doesn’t take action so what I’m gonna share with you right now is four things that must be present inside a man’s head and in his heart for him to want to commit to you the first one seems like it’s simple but I’m gonna clarify this because some women get this wrong.

#1. physical attraction chemistry.

Now physical attraction is something that a lot of women get to feel. well, if I don’t have the genetics then, he’s dying to feel as attracted to me.

I’m here to tell you that’s complete BS guys will feel attracted to you not based on not your genetics or your size or your shape but based on how you show up.

There are so many amazing women out there who you would never, I mean you would never catalog as being a model or somebody who’s gonna show up in a magazine.

But they carry themselves with

  • so much passion
  • so much grace
  • so much aliveness
that they have this interesting thing inside that men just find so appealing so mysterious and he wants to connect with those women.

So if you are not born with the genetics that you want you can always show up the right way. when you show up the right way, you command attention and you command chemistry okay so that’s very important.

this that the second thing that you need to have in order for your guy to commit to you is.

You need to be able to do three things they’re super simple if you can remember them please do so.

the second one is that

#2. He needs to feel accepted I appreciated and wanted.

In that order except it means that you don’t want to change him that you understand who he is. you can definitely set boundaries and you because the guy is going to be testing you. you can definitely set boundaries but for the most part, you don’t want to change who he is.

Appreciating him means that you’re able to vulnerably let him know these are the things I love about you. I feel so special.

you did this for me, I feel so grateful for this and he starts feeling two things.

  • he has chemistry
  • but he starts getting something called Emotional Connection.

When the emotional connection is there,  that’s like the magic recipe for a guy to want to go deeper.

The next step is wanting him.  when he feels accepted appreciates and wanted you to tap into his emotional side, his animal side as well 

Magic happens when those two things are combined magic happens.

The third thing that needs to be present for a guy to feel you’re going to want to commit to you is.

3. He needs to feel Your worth/value

Men need to feel like there’s somewhat of a challenge in connecting with you. why, because if a guy gets something too easy, he is not going to work for it. then he doesn’t value it as much.

Now, there several different ways you can do this. There’s a crappy way which is you can play games for a guy to start valuing you or you can do it through standards and you can do it through the boundaries and let me share with you kind of how this works.

Okay, the old way as well, I want a guy to know that I’m valuable, so I’m going to flirt in front of him or I’m going to play games when he calls me, I’m gonna say I’m busy or with somebody else

That’s basically the wrong way to do it because yes the guy’s gonna feel like you have things going on but they’re not true and they’re necessarily making you grow in this area.

4. Go 10% deeper than you usually would.

The easier way to do this or the more fun the more powerful way to do this instead of setting down roots and standards what does that mean. that means if a guy wants to connect with you and he’s calling you on a Friday night and basically,

He wants to invite you for Friday that you actually do have something going on, he needs to be able to give you more time in advance before you can do this.

 He shows up late, you let him know that you appreciate when shows up in time or he wants to have sex with you before you’re ready that you say absolutely NO and you’re able to stand your ground and not feel shaken and not feel afraid that the guy’s not going to show up when you’re able to set standards and boundaries. 

He gets something inside his head that says you know what for this woman I have to show more respect. I have to elevate my game I have to become a better guy this means two things

  • I’m gonna be better I’m gonna get stronger
  •  this is not a woman that anyone can get

When he feels like there’s a challenge because not any idiot can get you he feels well I’m more special so I’m more unique if I get her I’m more valuable as a man so that’s when things start happening in terms of commitment the last thing that the guy needs to feel if he’s going to commit to you is.

5. He needs to be able to feel like a man.

Here’s why.

Feeling like a man is going to help him tap into these big as need as a guy- which is being of service to a woman when he connects with his being a service to humanity but in this case,  the woman is so important because when he can tap into service he knows he can make you happy. 

 when he knows he can make you happy he can commit because committing means he’s gonna be happy if he feels he can’t make you happy committing to you would be suicide. 

So a lot of women who are beautiful smart passionate but who don’t let the guy feel like a guy. the guy starts feeling at some level you know what I’ll never make this one happy therefore I’m gonna be miserable.

I can’t commit. So I’m not saying that if you do these five things and if you play your cards right the guy is gonna do this.

If a guy has this wishy-washy attitude about him but he’s still the kind that can’t commit if you start doing these things playing your cards it’s gonna be a lot more likely the guy’s gonna want to commit

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