how to fix a toxic relationship-8 powerful ways to deal with toxic partneršŸ˜¢.

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It’s all about maintaining self-control and boosting your self-esteem when we find ourselves in a toxic relationship. most of the time, we let go of parts of who we are because we want to save our relationship. this abandonment might come in form of not doing things we normally enjoy, going out with friends, and not sharing our feelings with our partners. here are steps to fix toxic relationships.

#1. Do you fully understand and believe if the relationship is fixable?

a toxic relationship can be transformed and altered. however, but it does come with a “big if .” this toxicity can be resolved if both parties put in the effort to resolve it by transparency, self-reflection, and shared empathy, collaborating with a trained therapist. A lot of hard work will be expected of each of you. if you firmly believed that this toxic relationship can be saved, you’ll do whatever it takes to resolve and transformed. There is no possibility of making the relationship better if you or your partner is not ready, eager, or prepared to bring in the necessary effort.

If you don’t see any changes after following these measures, perhaps the toxicity may be too strong to resolve, and t’s probably easier to stop working on this and move on with your life.

#2. Are you ready to let go of this toxic relationship?

It’s crucial to have solid self-esteem and self-confidence before attempting to confront a toxic partner. you’ve got to make sure your self-esteem and self-confidence are sufficient to cope with the outcome when confronting your partner. On the other hand, if you’re not, seek assistance. If you really want to rejuvenate your relationship, you’ve got to be willing to let go of this toxic relationship if nothing is changing no matter how difficult it might be.

if you don’t see any improvement, you have to move on with your life. if you’re reluctant and not willing to move, your significant other will eventually realize that regardless of what he does, you really won’t leave.

#3.Detecting constant bad behaviors.

a toxic relationship built on constant bad behaviors such as allegations, criticism, blame, and of course abusive language. Discourage these patterns of actions if they are in place in your relationship. discuss them and put forth a joint effort to break the loop.

Whenever you get sucked into any patterns of these actions and behaviors, pay close attention to your reactions in intensifying the arguments and how you resolve them. remember, the battle is the communication problem, not you or your partner.

Being able to get back into the flow of collaborating with your partner allows you to re-connect. that’s the mindset you should be having when dealing with toxic relationships.

#4. Have space.

It is really hard to be well while you are putting yourself down. You do have thoughts, interests, and dislikes, but you find yourself doing something else. Eventually, your desires will be neglected, and your partner will cease to matter. If you see this dynamic in your relationship, you should let them know.

An effective way to assist your partner in uncovering their intimate and interpersonal cycles is to stress and explain the causes, as well as their emotions. Allow your partner to take up their rightful place in the relationship by telling them how you feel and space you need.

#5. Seeking professional help.

being in a toxic relationship is one o the worst things one could endure in life. you feel worse about yourself. You find yourself in a state of relentless striving for validation and acceptance. When you’re with them, you feel insecure and you think you’re striving to win their respect, and you feel incompetent; in truth, you are anxious to feel comfortable in their presence.

It’s unsettling to see them around you, and you feel inadequate. If you’re at this point in your relationship, you might need help from a mental health professional. It’s really critical that couples learn to express themselves in different and better ways to learn and engage with each other more often.

#6. Self-assuredness and self-trust.

oftentimes, toxic relationships constitute manipulations, which is a method of acquiring power that is intended to establish subtle dominance in the relationship. If you keep testing your sensitivity and doubting your own instincts, you will find that you’ll develop a mistrust of your feelings and emotions. enhancing and improving your Thoughtfulness and mindfulness will allow you to learn to trust your own experience and embrace yourself. That is the reality.

Write down your notes, or maintain a diary to keep track of discrepancies. When you are focused and not doubting yourself, a manipulator would be challenged. Let them know that you are neither deaf nor deficient in knowledge, and stupid if they continue to speak against you.

#7 End the blame and take Take full responsibility.

pointing fingers at your partner in toxic relationships just prolong the loop of toxicity. instead, take Take full responsibility by working together and figuring out as a team. All parties must contribute.

#8. Future change.

After the initial novelty of introducing new actions or ways of life, often people return to their previous patterns of behavior. In order to transform the relationship, we need to transform it order to end this toxic relationship cycle, you’ve got to maintain change for good.


When it comes to a toxic relationship, everything about your life is affected. this affects you mentally, physically, and emotionally. no one should endure this kind of relationship. If you find yourself in an unstable relationship, you have three options:

  • 1.Sticking around in this toxic relationship( not good or recommended)
  • 2.Walk away and cut all ties with this individual abandon him/her forever (For most people, this makes the most sense).
  • 3.Start taking the appropriate steps to fix your relationship and remove the toxicity. The third choice is feasible but very difficult. it will require a lot of effort. Ultimately, you will both be healthier and happy as a result of this.