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how to be a good friend-Ways To Improve Friendships

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True friendship is characterized by the belief that a friend will be there when you need them, no matter what. When you’re surrounded by good friends, you can relax and be assured that you are safe and protected.

Making new friends, or forging new relationships, can improve your health. Although research has found that strong social relationships pay a reward in the form of reduced risk of physical and mental illness,

You’re not my true friend if you never do anything nice for me.

1.Above all, be genuine in your responses.

When it comes to honesty, nothing beats plain old honesty. A true friend will accompany you even if you’re telling them you aren’t going, but will also be authentic with you about it. That means you have to be totally truthful when you talk to these people because they’re the ones you can trust.

At this point, you don’t have to respond by yelling “yes.” Honesty is different from being completely truthful.

2.Please Pay attention.

Listening is a skill that many people don’t possess these days. A lot of failed relationships can be attributed to a lack of listening.

It’s two-way, for both parties. While all relationships include two people, a partnership is more involved. A mutually beneficial relationship is important if you’d rather be a good friend. It is your responsibility as a friend to help your friend succeed so that they can do their job.

3.Be dependable in your commitments.

Don’t show up unless you are scheduled to go there on Sunday night. If they asked you to come to their university farewell party, feel free to accept the invitation. Loyal friends are there for you when you need them. Someone who is reliant is a good friend.

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4.Let your shoulders peek out a little.

They really are like stars in that they give off a large amount of warmth and support to their friends. You want to be there for your friend if he or she is having a hard time. You must be present. It is inevitable that everyone will have happy and sad times. This is because we are a network of interconnected people, and we support each other in times of happiness and sadness. There is no requirement that you become the one to put things back together, but you can let people know it’s going to be alright.

5.“I love you” should not be overused.

We would often see friends in high school who would greet each other with “I love you!” What I’m saying is, it’s possible that what they said was a lie. “I’m not the person who tosses out the phrase ‘I love you,’ and then regrets it. Rita annoys me with her nonsense.

True friends say things that are not spoken because they mean them. To a degree, friends are like stars. However, don’t become too emotional about them all the time.

#6. Choose your battles.

This will be accompanied by your friend’s utter stupidity, as well as being bossed around. Don’t be ridiculous; I know it bothers you, but there’s no point in responding to everything they say. Sometimes, you must decide who you fight for because if you don’t, you might lose a friendship.


#7. It’s not about your personal interests.

You are not trying to learn as much as possible from your contacts. Friendship is not about the in-jokes and kooky ideas. If anyone is using you, they are not a true friend. They are not only an individual but a person who possesses certain qualities.

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the single biggest reason that men lose interest in women they love is that they don’t understand.

Help someone else when you can. Your friendship is a mutual understanding. It follows that in difficult times, you must be able to put yourself in their shoes. Let’s use our imagination! Cultivate empathy and understanding when helping someone work through their feelings. You’ll be thanked when you make others feel alone.


It’s possible to be a good friend, but avoid being a social media pal. My friends use social media as a way to meet and hang out, but when it gets hard connecting with people in person, they fail to show up. Beware of the new friend! In social media, people rely on their connections to be interesting. This desire to be interesting motivates them to post pictures of themselves at clubs, but they are instead using the time to make friends in the Snapchat community.