8 Ways to become High Value Woman that He’ll Never Want to Leave


if you’d like to find out how you can become high value women and quadruple your value in the eyes of worthy, and amazing man stick around because I’ll be sharing with you how to do just that on my episode today.

This is David welcome to relationshiptribe.com and  I’m super excited to be sharing with you how to literally quadruple the value that you have in the eyes of worthy amazing passionate guys, and a lot of women asked me how can I become a high value woman? before we answer that question let us ask ourselves.

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what is a high value woman

So the steps I will be sharing with you right now will help you accomplish AK beyond that beyond you being more viable in the eyes of men.

You will create a life at the same time in parallel that’s more exciting to you that’s more fulfilling to you that help you to create a stronger legacy.

The first step of becoming a high value woman is pretty simple it’s what I call keel the vanilla keel

1.vanilla keel

The vanilla means that there’s a lot of women out there who have disconnected out of politically corrective nests.

We call corrective minutes from their true passions and from their true thoughts and from their true beliefs and convictions about things in life.

So when you disconnect from things you love and all sort of the things you hate you become pretty plain and boring.

So if a guy asks you what is your favorite type of food? and you say well everything and what’s your favorite music? You say well I like all kinds of music and not because that’s the truth inside of you, But because you’re so disconnected from what you want that you really everything seems the same to you.

That’s not something that allows you to raise your value ,So if you connect to the things that you are excited about and you define them for yourself and then, more importantly, you’re willing to express them to the world and specifically the men that will define you as someone who is clear about what you want and somebody who knows herself and that raises your value instantly.

Now it’s very important that you understand that there’s going to be guys who will absolutely hate what you say, But I’d rather you have that kind of personality that a guy says I love her or I hate her when she’s nice, she’s okay right.

So you’re not doing things just to be showy or to be bold but you’re doing them because your heart has fire and it’s not willing to let that fire die down and it just needs to express.


2 create and build that passionate life today right now.

Here’s what I mean a lot of women have this illusion that their life is flat but when they connect to this guy it’s going to become incredibly intense and passionate, Here’s the thing at the beginning of the relationship even if your life is boring it’s got to become exciting.

But guess what happens if you have not built the skills to create a passionate life and you’re not leaving that kind of life that amazing. This is going to flat line just as well when you connect with a guy and then it’s gonna be boring for both of you.

so if you create the kind of life that you want today connecting to your passions, connecting the things you love doing, things that are scary but good for your growth right and you’re continuously feeling that intensity in your life today. if you can create that right now then guys will feel oh my god I want to be part of that.

Your friends will feel the same way okay. So it’s not about you doing something to impress anyone it’s for you to do things that right now will make you feel more intensity in your life.


Number three is up to your standards for everything but specifically for dating why because the moment you raise your standards for dating guys know that they have to do more, Create something more special to be with you and that raises their value as well.


So the standard for dating means what does it take for a guy to take you out. the guy who messages you without interest without being specific with you if that’s enough to take you out then you have a low standard. To create a high standard that’s naughty not an impossible standard but a high standard so that the guy who goes out with you know that he has to go through certain hoops to get to know you, to get to be interesting to go out with you.

What are your standards for physical contact? What are your standards for sexual contact? So when you have high standards for physical contact and sexual contact that means that the guy is going to understand that as much as he’s testing and pushing boundaries, He will know that you’re somebody who cares about yourself.

Who values yourself and therefore somebody who’s valuable for him as well because that makes him more unique. that means that not any clown can get you if he’s more unique then he feels more valued towards you and towards himself.

4.Connect to your love Craving but detach from any specific guy


Create that intensity in the heart that is called craving for love without an attachment to any specific guys. Here’s what happens a lot of women who want to create love but have been hurt in the past and don’t want to appear and feel and be needy.

which is something no guy wants disconnect so much from their craving that they appear to be very independently disconnected from emotions. they appear to never need a guy and a guy wants to feel needed in a healthy way. so not in a needy way right, So the way to do this is to connect the craving that you have in your heart, so you know that you want to love, You know that it’s exciting.

you know that it’s going to raise the quality of your life, but you don’t have to catch it to any specific guy that’s how you can get away with still feeling it and not be needed because you know that if the guy doesn’t show up the right way. If he doesn’t give you what you need to open your heart to him, Then you don’t have to fear not getting in your life.


You’re still gonna get it okay, so craving without attachment to a specific guy creates a high element of worth. That’s the feeling that a guy knows when he connects with you she can walk away if I’m just being lazy.

She can walk away if I’m just saying things without taking action and again that forces guys who have it inside of them to be more – more value more and create the kind of relationship that you want,

5 She is friendly, sweet,  approachable and authentic

there’s nothing really about her that we don’t want to be that we don’t aspire to be so you can tell by the way, she carries herself that she really values herself, you know, there are few things that make a woman high value in my eyes

6. she’s confident

So her confidence About knowing who she is and loving everything that makes her who she is. She loves her appearance. She feels beautiful.

She loves the woman that she is and doesn’t compare herself to anyone and that’s really really important.

She doesn’t try to be something she’s not, she doesn’t you know, look at another woman and wish that she had something that that woman as she’s just very secure and confident in who she is. So she doesn’t try to be something that she’s not and she just loves everything that makes her who she is so confidence is about being able to take criticism and not get defensive.

Its the ability to be able to fail at something and be able to pick yourself back up and continue on that’s true confidence in yourself that you’re able to really take care of yourself like that feeling confident is about knowing what you feel and knowing how to take care of yourself in any given moment.

So it’s that ability to be able to connect to yourself to know what it is. What do I need? What do I feel? What do I think and how do I fill myself up inside? How do I give that to myself that’s true confidence and being a high-value woman, you know a high-value woman also has a lot of self-worth she has a high level of self-worth and that means that she knows who she is and all the things that make her an amazing person woman mother friend girlfriend wife daughter, you know co-worker.

It doesn’t matter. She knows what she brings to the table.

This is the woman that knows what she wants.

She is determined to create the life that she wants because she knows she deserves it a high-value woman is a woman that knows her worth and isn’t afraid to leave relationships.


She’s not afraid to leave people. She’s not afraid to leave a situation that isn’t serving her highest good or helping her bring her closer to what it is that He wants in her life. So she doesn’t allow those fears to take over and keep her stuck in those relationships and surrounding yourself with people or situations a job or anything that isn’t bringing her joy and happiness. It’s not bringing her to the life that she wants to live.

7.a high-value woman knows what she wants.

So there are no mixed signals with this woman. She has high standards and she goes after what she wants.

She’s not afraid to like I said fall and pick herself back up because she knows at the end of the day she’s going to get what she wants in life. So knowing what you want is your ability to identify the value that you bring to people’s lives and in return, You demand the same level high level in return out of people.

So if I know what I want then it’s easy for me to see when I meet someone if I’m in a situation if the situation is is what I need and what I want is this What I need and what I want so that’s why I always say it’s you have to start with are you really clear on what it is that you want in your life? Are you really clear on the person that you want to bring into your existence?

So high-value woman she knows how to set standards and boundaries with other people and can do this in a loving way and what this means is she does not become angry when someone doesn’t treat her the way she deserves to be treated.


She simply sets her standards and if someone cannot love her and treat her the way that she would like to be treated when she’s able to walk away with absolutely no regret and no fear of the future.

She’s not a woman that kind of sits in fear and lets that fear take over or self. You know, she doesn’t a high-value woman.

She doesn’t doubt herself that confidence that self-worth, you know,  that ability to not doubt herself means that she believes in herself that she Really truly loves herself.

You know, she doesn’t doubt herself and the decision that the decision that she makes she knows and trusts that the decisions that she makes her hires the highest good and her confidence and self-worth will not allow her to doubt that what she want exists and is out there for her, a high-value woman, she demands respect and since a high value woman loves herself and respects herself.

She demands it in return.

8. She does not beg and wishes for people to treat her differently.

She has enough self-respect to let people be who they are and she doesn’t feel the need to fix anyone. It’s not her responsibility to try to change someone into being who she would like them to be. She merely looks at situations looks at people and says is this person who I need in my life and she takes people at face value.

That doesn’t first give her the respect that she needs and again isn’t going to bring her to her highest good. So if what I want in my life, I know what I want. My life. Is this person bringing me to that place when a high-value woman respects herself? She doesn’t allow unhealthy or abusive Behavior to continue. This woman knows that everyone in her life treats her by what she will tolerate so she knows that while she can’t change anyone she can only control herself and by tolerating behaviors.

She’s basically allowing the abuse to continue. She’s saying that the abuse is okay.

So a high-value woman is also very very comfortable with being vulnerable and there’s a difference between unapproachable and valuable Woman versus a hard ass woman with walls up, you know, and I’m sure we’ve all seen that woman before That she thinks she’s strong and she thinks she’s high value but she’s got walls up and you know, she might even call herself a bitch. Like hey, I’m a bitch. I have walls up. You know, I’m a tough girl. I don’t need a man.

becoming a high value woman

high-value women is not that kind of woman this woman often.

Try oftentimes betrays herself as you know, that strong strong female, but what strong is being able to be real and to be vulnerable with people and letting people see who you really are that’s real strength and that’s vulnerability and that takes courage, especially if you’ve been let down you’ve been betrayed, you know, you’ve had abusive relationships.

And now you have These Walls up because of the wounds that you’ve had and that’s perfectly normal based off of maybe the situations that you’ve been in but to overcome that fear and those walls is to become very vulnerable with this is who I am and I love myself  for who I am and When either needs to accept me for who I am or this isn’t going to work.

so a high-value woman also knows how she understands her boundaries, and she understands and knows how to say no without feeling guilty so she knows how to self-soothe herself. She knows how to not take on manipulation and high-value woman doesn’t take on someone else’s stuff their projections their insecurities.

So, I hope that this has helped you guys understand what a high-value woman is. I mean, I know we’ve all seen this woman from time to time, but I think it’s so good to listen to these messages and just think of like OK,

what are the things that make me the high value and what are the things within myself that I know? I need to work on in order to really be that woman and to you know, walk that walk and be the person that I really want to be in my life so I can attract great relationships and go after the job that I want with confidence and not doubt myself in the decisions that I make. So I hope that this has helped you guys and I will see you. Next week, so that is it for now. Thank you guys so much for tuning in and I will see you in my next article.

signs she is a high value woman,


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