He’s Just NOT Into You… ? 9 Signs He’s Not Interested In You

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It is quite common to notice when a man likes you. However the same can be said when he doesn’t like you or perhaps shows disinterest or boredom.

The doubt and the incertitude generally come when the man is somewhere in the middle. you know, a man might somewhat be into you but not exactly be interested in you.

If you really want to know whether the man your dating is using you or he’s interested in you and wants to have a future with you, then here are some signs to look for.

1.He is not determined to be part of your life.

If a man is really thrilled about you and wants to be part of your life, he will most definitely want you to establish closer relationships with his loved ones.

He is not obviously going to hide any part of himself. He will be vulnerable and that means he will allow you to fully know his

  • thoughts,
  • weakness,
  • challenges
  • or perhaps feelings.

Therefore if you don’t find any of these, he might not be interested in you.

2.He calls off at the very last minute.

It’s really frustrating to have everything ready and all of sudden, he cancels at the very last minute without valid reasons.

Your time is priceless. When your partner cancels a plan or perhaps any sort of arrangement, it shows that he is prioritizing something else and you could have done something else with your time if you knew in advance that he would call off at the very last minute.

“Tap into the male psychology and make sure your man never even *thinks* about another woman… just by sending this crazy attention pulling text message!”

He may not be interested in you if he keeps on displaying this behavior over and over. Stay alert and be cautious.

3.He always ghosts you.

What a predicament that is affecting our new generation. You went on a date with a guy and you’ve never heard of him ago or he takes way too long to reply back to your text or perhaps he never calls you, you’ve got to move on and erase his phone number.

 He is  just not into you.It kind of sucks when you’re into someone but he’s not Intensely preoccupied with you. 

It’s good to recognize these signs out as soon as possible.

4.he is a flirtatious person by nature

It’s quite easy enough to like someone who always flirts with you. at the end of the day, it’s going to make you feel virtuous however if he is really interested in you, he will definitely show you by not flirting with everyone that he meets.

Because if he flirts with everyone, then he is forming connections and perhaps feelings with that person which is not good for you.

Hence if you find him doing on a constant basis, then he is more likely to not be into you.

5. You are having uncertainties, suspicions, and perhaps second thoughts.

Having doubts in a relationship is quite usual however poor communion is the main cause of doubts and suspicions. Men are known to be very upfront and direct.

He might tell you that he loves you or perhaps show you interest but unfortunately, he is not telling you the truth.

Doubts, uncertainties, or perhaps seconds thoughts in themselves are self-evident that he is not interested in you or perhaps he is not showing you his true feelings.

6.he will always tell you whatever you want to hear.

He is constantly telling you the obvious which is not good for having a healthy relationship. He doesn’t like to listen to you and of course, he will flip the conversation whenever he feels like it.

This is actually a recipe for a toxic relationship. Hence you should avoid this guy if he is exhibiting this toxic signal of disinterest.

7.He doesn’t always create time for you as a partner.

Irrespective of how occupied and busy a man is, if he is really interested in you, he will always create time for you as a partner.

He will relish, have fun and perhaps take advantage of his time by spending with you.

If he comes with a fake excuse to not give you his time, then you should know his true intentions and his priorities.

He might not be interested in you if he’s avoiding you all the time and therefore he’s taking away the emotional atmosphere of your relationship.

8.His attention is diverted away from you.

Have you ever felt like he’s not giving you any sort of attention or perhaps he is oblivious and preoccupied with other things. one moment he is so into you and really supper loving, calm, caring, sympathetic, adoring, and the next he is someone else?

Obviously, he is allowed to be preoccupied with his life such as going for an exam or perhaps a job interview but he’s got to give you his full attention when he is with you.

“Tap into the male psychology and make sure your man never even *thinks* about another woman… just by sending this crazy attention pulling text message!”

If he is really into you, he will avoid any sort of distraction and give you his full attention and treat you with dignity and respect.

9. He always hides his friends.

If he doesn’t encourage you to meet with friends, buddies, or perhaps his family members, then he is not serious about you or perhaps not into you.

on the other hand, if he is avoiding meeting your closest friends or perhaps he is friends for that matter, then he is not into you for sure.

You should probably be heedful, cautious, and careful.


If your partner is showing any of these signals. It’s time to go and leave him alone. You’re going to be grateful and perhaps be appreciative the sooner you recognize and step away the better.

It is time to face reality and seek help from God first and foremost and obviously from loved ones.