How to get your ex back for good? {6 powerful tips}

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First off, it is not actually that bad if your ex boyfriend had moved on. Obviously, it’s very difficult for you to move on from the breakup if you had a strong connection with your ex.However, the really difficult part is how are you going to keep him once you get him back.

I’ll also be touching on not only how to get your ex back but also what to do if he has moved on or perhaps he doesn’t want to come back.

All of these are possibilities that might arise.

at the end of the day. Getting your ex back is much easier than you think since most of the work was already when he was with you.

All you’ve got to do is just make him remember how exceptional and wonderful  your romance,intimacy or perhaps relationship was, how much you miss him or perhaps how enjoyable things were.

Here are some tips  to get your ex back for good.

1.The strategic planning process.


You’ve got to have  the perfect plan in place before anything else. You don’t want to  follow your heart to start with this  strategic planning process.

Your heart is shattered and You may be heartbroken, down in the mouth at the moment. hence, You’ll do whatever it takes to have your ex back at that moment.

That’s why having the perfect plan is so crucial..

  The perfect  plan  will ensure that  the help and framework your need to get your ex is in place emotionally, physically and mentally. 

At the end of the day, your ultimate goal here is to get your ex back for good  and make this second chance long-lasting and worthwhile.

You don’t want to lose him again and again and start the whole plan again. That’s why you’ve got to stay and implement the strategic planning process.

2.Don’t communicate  or perhaps contact him at all.

Here is the thing,if you really want to get your ex back, you’ve got to cut off all sorts of communications. you want him to miss you and think about you all day. That means cutting off text messages, phone calls or perhaps email. This should probably go on for like a month.

It is quite normal to worry and perhaps think about your ex after breakup however, you’ve got to think about the consequences of communicating with him on a daily basis.

The no contact rule is there for you to cleanse and get yourself together emotionally, physically and perhaps mentally.

This period helps you to actually control yourself and perhaps have a good idea on where this relationship is going or perhaps what happened.

Because now, you can have a clear mind to think and clearly see who was right or wrong, or perhaps see if it’s worth going back to this relationship.

The whole point of cutting off communication is for him to notice and perhaps contemplate his mistakes and to make him miss you.hence give the space he needs to clear his mind too.

3. Self-reflection and hold onto your faith.

Losing someone comes with a lot of emotional distress especially in relationships. You might experience distress, a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure or perhaps , pain, or harm. Don’t Forcibly put an end to those feelings.

After all, it’s just human nature to have those feelings. Because now you’re going through the Recuperative or perhaps therapeutic process which is very vital at this stage. You should experience or live through this phase by improving your

  • mental,
  • spiritual
  • and  perhaps your health attitude.

Oftentimes, we’re mostly focused on our relationship rather than ourselves.

Therefore this is the perfect time to self-reflect and perhaps see things from a different perspective.

This is going to force you to be the best version of yourself- the same person your ex fell in love with. You’re going to be much more  confident and happier than before.

4.Comprehend and Contextualize and why he’s gone.

Let’s cut to the chase, every now and then when a relationship ends, there’s usually clear cut reasons as to why it has ended. Maybe there was misunderstanding, arguments  that resulted in your ex to leave or perhaps  exit.

If that’s the case, you’ve got to be truthful and honest to yourself and figure out the exact reasons as to why you think he left.

  • Were you two Able to get along well?
  • Do your values and principles align with his values and principles
  • Do you perhaps  think you could have behaved differently
  • Did you feel any sort of happiness or perhaps enjoyment

You’ve got to answer these excruciating questions in order for you to face reality- because now, you don’t want to get hurt or perhaps wounded again by the same guy if you keep making the same mistakes.


prior to beginning the process of reuniting, you’ve got to ensure that you’re ready mentally, physically and emotionally  and perhaps  the timing is right for you to proceed with your ex.

what I’m saying is that you don’t want to be in a situation whereby you’re still  Feeling or expressing resentment, disappointment, or anger.

Therefore  think about these questions with curiosity and honesty!

  • Have you been reflecting onto yourself?

Have you been feeling much better with self-assured, hopeful or perhaps hopeful that he might not come back and that’s just fine?

If your answer is yes, then you can begin the process of reuniting with your ex.

 The outcome of the first conversion is what determines if this is going to be a disaster or an achievement. 

Send him text messages with enthusiasm,inquisitiveness and perhaps uneasiness. keep everything easy, fun or perhaps carefree.

Just let him realize how different you are.

You’ve got to remind him of the good times that both of you had or perhaps the best memories you guys have shared.

Don’t ever  mention anything about how much you missed him or perhaps anything related to getting him back.

 At the end of the day, you don’t want to look like you’re in desperate need of him.  

The whole point is to refresh his memory by reminding how wonderful or perhaps outstanding a person you are.

Fingers crossed your ex is going to take the hint and get back to you and take things to the next level.

6. Getting  together after the initial text message during the reuniting phase. 

This is when you’re going to meet him in person perhaps to grab a drink. Keep it nonchalant and that’s exactly when he gets to see the real you and how things have changed.

He is going to see this optimist, confident or perhaps incontrovertible person.

He gets to see this revolutionary and perhaps improved person. keep up the momentum.

You should keep everything simple, quiet, fun and perhaps  no anticipation and perhaps no presumption.

If everything goes according to the plan, then that is quite an accomplishment. Oftentimes, your ex will be very enticed and perhaps captivated to proceed establishing an interest.

He will be recalling all the astonishing,wonderful incredible moments he shared with you.if he is not ready to come back, then you shouldn’t be disgruntled or perhaps discouraged.