how to get over your ex being with someone else

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You can’t get over your ex. You want to have an open heart but you can’t get over your ex. You feel like they are absolutely hooked into your heart.

They are holding onto you and you can’t escape them and if your heart is still occupied by someone else, you will not be able to let anyone else in. You also won’t be able to truly honestly be free to go explore and find yourself again until you let go of that person.

It’s like thinking imagine a hot air balloon.

So you are in this hot air balloon and you are ready to go out and fly and to see and experience and find a better land that is better for you but all of the ropes are still holding you down on the ground and they’re all being held by your ex. So you might have a little bit of leeway and you can like pop up and move to the side and the next side and pop up again but you’re not going anywhere until you cut those ropes.

You are not free until you cut those ropes

that can be hard and maybe you guys communicate on occasion and it feels so good to talk to him and he reaches out to you like once a month every other week even once a week.

You guys are friends and you have this nice relationship but at the end of each interaction, you honestly feel sad. You hope that maybe they’ll change their mind and want you again. You feel not good enough.

You still feel that tug to them. well, You are the one who has to cut that cord if you want to be free and you know that they are not going to be in your life again and that in that way ever again on. We like to be honest with ourselves that is not gonna happen.

You have to let them go and if that means having a conversation or sending a text or something that says

 “I love you and I can’t continue this because it’s hurting me I know that you think that you can be friends with me and I thank you I appreciate that but I can’t be friends with you because I can’t get you out of my heart and I need to move on”, 

He may have even already moved on. He may even have another girlfriend or be married or something else he’s moved on. clearly, his feelings aren’t the same as yours. Clearly, you are not occupying his heart in the same way that he is occupying yours.

So you have to be the one who says “I can’t communicate with you anymore”, “I can’t see you anymore”, even if you think that’s
unfair or not nice.

Think about drug addiction

so someone is addicted to drugs I honestly personally wouldn’t know because I’ve never been addicted to drugs but I have I’ve seen people addicted to drugs.

When you are addicted to the drug, you need that drug.

  • does the drug need you?
  • it doesn’t. Whose responsibility is to end that addiction?
  • whose responsibility is it to cut that cord?

It’s your responsibility to cut the cord drug take it or take you or leave you it doesn’t matter where you take it more it feels good to you

The more it hurts you and the more it feels good and the more it hurts. So it’s your responsibility to say you know what done drugs I’m cutting this off I’m cutting the cord.

It is going to hurt me so much and he’s like whatever hurts you and it’s your responsibility to end it because if you want to get healthy if you want to move on if you want to free yourself.

Stop making excuses

It’s your responsibility to take responsibility. Stop making excuses. stop thinking but maybe but maybe they’re gonna want me again but maybe it’ll work out again. Well, you know what may be in the future it will work out again but guess what- that will be a new relationship.

That will be a different relationship that will not be the same relationship.

You will not be the same people in that relationship. So you have to end this relationship cut the cord no communication allow yourself to move on allow yourself to be that hot air balloon and actually fly away for a while

If when you become a fully new person then, maybe you can resume it may be but don’t have your heart set on that. It is time for you to take responsibility and free your heart so you can let someone else in because you deserve to be loved completely so let yourself you.