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This is Why You Are Having Difficulty Moving On From Your Ex:

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In the event that you’ve been having issues to move on after a break-up and can’t seem to figure out why you can’t seem to get over your ex, you’ve found the right place as I’ve been in your position before. I was able to get through it, and now I’m completely back on track with my life.

It’s likely that you haven’t taken the right steps to get over your ex, such as ceasing all contact with him or her, removing all reminders of him or her, spending quality time alone, confronting your feelings, and creating new memories with someone else.

It’s likely that you won’t be able to move on from your ex until you’ve completed each and every one of the aforementioned objectives.


In light of the foregoing, here is a more in-depth look at all the reasons why you can’t seem to get over your ex.

1. You haven’t completely cut off all communication with your ex.

The most important step in moving on after a break-up is to discontinue all contact with the other person. It is one of the most difficult things to do, but it is also one of the most crucial because it reduces the chance of opening wounds that will begin to heal.

It does take a lot of effort to recover from a relationship breakup.


It’s similar to grieving for a living person and desiring to reach out, but knowing that it’s pointless to do so.

You can really only move onto another chapter by shutting down the one you are currently in. For most people, closure consists in terminating all contact for the near future or until they have completely moved on.

2.You look at his or her social networks.

When it comes to reopening deep wounds, this is the most effective method of making yourself feel bad about a breakup.

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The majority of the time, social media portrays an unrealistic view of someone’s life experience.


There is some truth to what is posted, but it is presented in a way that is larger than life to draw attention to it.


It is possible that by viewing your ex’s social media accounts, you will not only be reminded of past events that have made you feel sad and upset but you may also be exposed to things that could make you feel even worse – such as him or her teasing with other people.

It’s a given that it will happen.


When you’re fresh off a breakup, witnessing something like this can be extremely damaging to your heart and mind.

3.You haven’t given yourself enough time to get over your ex.

All wounds will eventually heal with time. That is something I truly believe. Even if something is causing you pain right now, it will not cause you as much pain in the future.

We were not created to be able to feel a single emotion for an extended period of time. What goes up must eventually come down. And whatever goes down must eventually come up if you put in the effort.


There is no set period of time during which you must get over your ex. Despite what all of these 30-day gurus claim, the process of recovering from a breakup is unpredictable.

It could happen in a matter of months or it could take several years. However, it will take place. Just enough change over a long enough period of time will provide you with new areas of interest to concentrate your attention.


When your new normal becomes a life without your ex, you will have overcome the most difficult phase of your relationship.

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4. You’re getting around the need to be isolated.

When one thing comes to an end, another thing comes to an end. However, what many of us are unaware of is that there is a period in the center widely recognized as the transition period.

For the duration of this phase, you must remain on your own.


Why? Due to the fact that it is the only opportunity you will have to mourn and move forward without any expectations from others.

These are the moments of silence and lonesomeness when we make the most significant emotional and psychological progress. We come into contact with the things that we have been trying to get away from for so long.


However, you will be unable to do so if you are never alone.


When you’re by yourself, the only issue you have to think about is the weight of the world on your shoulders. Deal with it, and you’ll emerge from this breakup a better and stronger person than you were before.

5.You haven’t made any new friends.

After a certain amount of time has passed, you must finalize the transformation process by socializing to complete the process.

It is beneficial to spend time alone, but only for a limited period of time.


Following that, you must put yourself out in order to meet other people. It is not necessary to meet people in a romantic setting to accomplish this.


Despite the fact that I strongly advise against it, you may meet more people with the specific intent of becoming friends.


There’s a good chance you’ll have some emotions of affection to share with someone. If not to another partner, it is perfectly acceptable to send love to your loved ones, both new and old, regardless of their relationship status.

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Take a step outside of your comfort bubble and begin meeting new individuals.


Whether it’s meeting new people in social situations or using a dating app, you should try something new. Leaving aside the positive and negative aspects of one’s experiences, the idea is to have done something different.

6. You’re constantly bringing up your ex or the break-up.

If you dwell on the past for an inordinate amount of time, the likelihood is that you will become stuck in the past. That’s one of the most terrifying aspects of nostalgia. It is a drug that causes you to become accustomed to what has passed away.

Disseminating information about your ex or the break-up with your loved ones only reinforces your attachment to those emotions and memories.


You have to come to a point where you have to stop. If you find yourself thinking about something, rather than acting on it, admit the consideration and move on.


The more you nourish something, the more it grows in proportion to your feeding.

You will be able to move on from your ex.

It’s only an issue of time before it happens. That said, I recognize that, based on the situation, this could take on a completely different appearance.

The process of getting over an ex-partner could imply that they are no longer on your mind.


In other cases, it could indicate that you have come to terms with your past and that the mere mention of your ex does not make you feel weak or hurt.

In either case, it will eventually reach that point. You will heal and move on from your relationship with your ex.


Hold on for dear life.


Please follow the advice provided above, and I promise you that it will make a positive difference.