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6 Compliments Guys Want to Hear

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Today, I’m going to be sharing with you the precise compliments that men are eagerly waiting to hear about themselves. I’d also want to highlight that complimenting a guy is something that is very essential to do. Despite this, a shocking number of women prefer to tell their female friends about the attributes of a man they like rather than telling him directly.

Your ability to express yourself blatantly to your man is critical, and believe me when I say that it is not easy but it always works. It will take you a long way with the man you are interested in.

You should tell him right away if you have any feelings for him. Let him know when you notice something outstanding about him.

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Let us now discuss the top 6 compliments that any guy would be delighted to receive.

1.You have a lot of imagination.

It might not be the first item on your list to see, but showing a guy that he has a girlfriend is a good thing. His distinct point of view on small details will make him feel as though he stands out among his colleagues.

For lack of a better expression, it gives him the impression that he cannot be easily replaced because he is unique and quite different from the rest.

Let him recognize that you admire his abilities, even if they are as a performer or as a chef. he has an opinion on the matter.

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2.You’re showing a lot of concern.

There are certainly more elegant words to describe this to a guy, but the idea is to express yourself and truly appreciate the fact that he cares about what you have to say.

Consider a time when he demonstrated compassion and use that example to make your point. For instance, “Thank you so much for helping me with my gardening,” would be appropriate. or “I appreciate you keeping an eye on me today.”Make certain that whatever real situation you use is up to date and applicable.

For example, If he sent you roses last year, this might not be an excellent choice for him demonstrating that he is concerned about you.

However, almost all women ignore this one because they believe that men do not want to be overwhelmed with this type of sweet talk. However, men actually appreciate it when women realize their efforts can be found in them.

3.You’re quite attractive!

Once more, this one may seem self-explanatory, but saying to a dude that you find him attractive does not count. Not only does it make him feel great about himself, but that also serves to remind him that you are interested in him as well as the fact that his genetics are exceptional.

Pick a good word like gorgeous or breathtaking over other adjectives when you use this compliment.

Words like sweet and sexy seem to imply a level of comfort and sophistication that is lacking otherwise.

4.You have a great deal of intelligence.

Last but not least, acknowledging a guy’s intelligence is one of the most heartfelt compliments a woman can pay him. Complimenting him on his gorgeous sexy brain would do more for him than you can imagine because men want to be perceived as sophisticated catch-alls.

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While this isn’t to say you must lower your own intellectual standards in his presence, men enjoy a good intellectual challenge.

Rather than letting the very next time he shares some interesting facts or serious expertise with you pass you by, express your admiration for his brilliance by telling him how much you love and appreciate him.

5.You have the ability to make me giggle.

Men enjoy being able to make a girl laugh, which isn’t the most initial compliment, but it’s a compliment nonetheless. Knowing that you reckon he’s humorous is a clear choice because it will not only make him smile but will also make him laugh.

It will not only boost his ego, but it will also keep him on his toes, hunting down after you and eager to keep you happy.

6.You give me a sense of security.

The fact that you tell a guy that he makes you feel secure will undoubtedly strike a nerve with him. Due to the fact that this type of compliment draws on his toughness and ability to defend you, it is not something he will think twice about. How so?Because it is a natural progression.

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Consider the past: the bigger and more powerful men were the ones who were allowed to represent the tribe and who were rewarded for when you tell a man that he makes you feel safe, he will believe that he has scored a major victory in his pursuit of you.

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As a result, they are frequently able to attract the most desirable women as well.

And it’s a flattering comment like this that will stay with him and make him feel like he’s the leader he’s always dreamed of being.

Final advice: look for unique or unusual things that he can be complimented on, rather than the common choices that everyone else is pointing out.

In other words, if he has attractive eyes, he has most likely been told this throughout his life. If he’s a funny guy, it’s likely that you won’t be the first person to tell him that he’s funny. As opposed to sticking with overused platitudes, dig deep and see if you can uncover something about him that no one had ever helped bring to his attention before.

When you can find distinguishing characteristics to bring to his attention, he will realize that you are different. He will be drawn to you because you are different from every other woman.