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how to text a guy to keep him interested.

when it comes to messaging guys, it’s not as easy or straightforward as it looks ( at least if you’re attempting to get a guy’s attention in a romantic way) however, following these texting rules can help keep your man hooked. OK, let’s get started. #1. Showing him that you have other priorities, hobbies interests … Read more

qualities of magnetic, charming personalities.

the best qualities of magnetic, charming personalities.

Do you want to be charming, magnetic, and attract people to you here are 10 traits of naturally charming and magnetic people. #1. They’re good listeners. When you talk to them, they’re focused on you. They make eye contact, they listen and engage by asking questions then expanding and deepening the conversation they make you … Read more


how to deal with a control freak husband

Love and compassion are two common human matter how smart or attractive, the person is, when someone tells you that you’re great, you are extremely happy to spend time with them. control freaks are frequently kind and charismatic, which tends to cause problems. It is difficult to grasp their motivations at the beginning, but … Read more


how to understand Your attraction

Do you find yourself continually attracted to the wrong person? if you say “yes” to that, there are reasons that you’re going back to someone who’s not in your best interest or that will never work out for you in a relationship. The most common problems people have are- They end up settling for someone … Read more


how to get a commitment-phobe to commit.

how to get a commitment-phobe to commit. These days, unfortunately, many relationships simply fall apart because Fear of commitment exists between both men and women. however, in this society, we seem to see it more with men, or maybe we excuse it more with men. No matter if you’re a man or woman, the person … Read more