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6 types of men have affairs.(Men Who Cheat)

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Discovering that the man you care about has betrayed you can be a difficult pill to swallow. Additionally, it has the potential to destroy your relationship. Cheating is painful because it represents a huge betrayal of trust in a region fraught with emotion.

Recovering from a breach of trust can be challenging for many and unthinkable for others.

If you’re constantly on the lookout for your guy cheating or making a billion dollars excuse for him not to, he’s probably cheating. Whenever it comes to these things, the general rule is that if something does not appear to be right, it undoubtedly isn’t.

Here are six distinct types of cheating men.

The compulsive cheater.

A person who is dissatisfied with his relationships may end up committing infidelity, even though they did not intend to. Boredom combined with the prospect of fun and excitement can result in cheating.

Occasionally, cheating is not planned in advance. Numerous effects can contribute a guy down this path. This is not to say that men should be excused from infidelity simply for being frustrated, but that does explain why some people feel compelled to cheat.

The serial and habitual cheater.

Serial cheaters excel at eschewing conceptual frameworks or routines in relationships. If you’re courting a serial cheater, keep an eye out for changes in your daily schedule.

They may make a point slightly earlier on to make themselves as impenetrable as possible. They also might carve out an evening for themselves or devise justifications for why the schedule does not work for their lifestyle.

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They will primarily seek to establish time and spaced apart from their buddy early on in hopes of avoiding raising suspicions later.

Take note of this extremely questionable behavior. Former cheaters are much less likely to attempt to deceive your relationship to suit their purposes.


Playboys are infamous for their deception. They enjoy flirting with a lot of young women, and they also desire to maintain a lot of young women in their inner group. It’s extremely simple for players to be “spotted” and cheat.

Be cautious, particularly if he addresses them all as acquaintances. You have no idea about his past dating history and his relationships. If he is conversing with other women while he is meant to be developing with you, there is a rationale for it.

Additionally, please observe how he wants to treat you in public vs. private.

If he feels comfortable referring to you as his girlfriend or behaving as if you are his girlfriend in private but is uncomfortable stating or acting as being such publicly, something is wrong. Most of those women with whom he is having affairs may be completely ignorant that he is involved.

The insecure cheater.

Another reason someone would cheat is insecurity. Typically, the man who wishes to cheat is demanding proof of their desirability in this situation. They boost their self-confidence through the reassurance of a new person.

They may well be insecure about certain aspects of the relationship, but these insecurities might just have existed for a long time before they decided to enter it.

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They feel really good when they receive the attention they crave as a result of their insecurities, whether emotional or physical infidelity.

The narcissist cheater

Narcissists are notorious for causing confusion, anarchy, and conflict. Additionally, they are known to cheat. They will wipe you off your feet, relentlessly court you, and make outlandish declarations about their feelings for you, only to reveal that they’ve been dating or married all along.

Narcissists are infamous for physical and emotional unfaithfulness and can be habitual relationship cheaters. These cheaters are not after a vicarious joke; they seek power and control.

A man with a toxic tendency will intentionally create chaos in order to maintain you in a state of anxiety.

He can do this also when things are going well, so do not anticipate the relationship to take a turn for the worse or to be abandoned, as he might be having an affair with you in the pathway. Take caution.

The man who wields authority and power.

Women are frequently surrounded by prominent men, which can be seductive. Many women find wealth and celebrity attractive, and these women can every now and then become assertive in their advances. Another possible reason is emptiness.

Men in positions of power frequently spend days, if not weeks, away from their families. As a consequence, they develop a desire for female company. Although powerful men cheat for a variety of reasons, the end result is typically the same: their roles, credibility, and families are ruined.

Final thoughts on 6 types of men who have affairs.

Detecting your partner’s infidelity is among the most painful experiences you can have in a relationship.

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Unless you are completely incapable of forgiving your partner for cheating, a single instance of infidelity does not have to spell the end, but repetitive infidelity can. Focus on the following behaviors of those who continue to be unfaithful.