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15 things to talk to your boyfriend about

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Sometimes when you’re in a relationship you can just hit a wall or run out of things to talk about with your boyfriend.

 Every new or seasoned relationship can encounter this downside at some point, But relax you’re not alone. 

your boyfriend might feel the same way to realize that silence is not always a bad thing. It simply means you are feeling comfy with one another. But to strengthen the bond and relationship having a deep and meaningful conversation is the key.

So here are 15 things to talk about with your boyfriend.

1. Talk about his day.

The simplest way to start a conversation with her boyfriend is by asking him how his day? Has been in some cases?

He will give you a one-word answer such as good or great. But don’t take it personally and think he’s not interested in talking to you.

That is just how some guys naturally respond. They don’t always talk about their feelings. so instead try and begin by talking about your day.

So you can use him in into talking about his day. If you do this every day you’ll get to know more about each other’s life.

Feel connected then one conversation will lead to another.

 2. talk about food.

There’s this old sayings man’s heart is through his stomach or maybe it’s the other way around.

Anyway, you might realize that there is some truth to the same. Most people love food and you can’t definitely strike up a good conversation about it.

So why not take this as a chance to get to know more about his favorite and least favorite food. You can also mention about new places or food you might want to try in the future.

The conversation may even help both of you to come up with a list of different food to be indulging, and when going out for lunch or dinner dates.

3. talk about current affairs.

Bring up a conversation about what is going on around you. or what’s going on the internet, celebrity gossip local or major news.

Would be a great place to start or you can ask him. If he saw anything interesting online or on television. If you didn’t take it upon yourself to inform him of what’s going on and listen to his views on it.

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This can cause intellectual debates or change into some deep and significant dialogue. You can also share with him some viral video clips or stories that can turn into a gear laughs.

4. talk about music.

Music is one of the topics you will not run out of things to talk about. Most guys have their favorite musical genre that they like.

Ask your boyfriend about him. Sometimes you might share similar interests. Next thing you know you guys are planning for the next concert date.

Music will suit their soul and in this case, you both don’t have to talk much and just listen to music.

 5. ask for advice.

Asking for, guidelines, suggestions, hints, tips, pointers, ideas, particular life issues from your boyfriend won’t solely start a dialogue but also builds a powerful bond between both of you.

When there is something troubling you or you need a second opinion on a topic. let him come to your rescue. ask for his point of view and listen to what he has to say. This can also be a way of knowing more about him and how he thinks.

6. talk about sports or his favorite hobbies.

Most guys have an interest in sports. Find out if there is a sport he plays or he is interested in. You will be surprised to realize that there is one thing he likes doing and he can go on and on about it without getting bored.

Besides, he will be more than happy to know that he can share his experiences and interests with you. If your boyfriend is a football fanatic, watch a football match with him and talk about it afterward he will love you

7. Talk about family

Everyone has good and bad family moments. This chance to discuss the fun and unforgettable childhood moments of your life to induce him to open up. You can talk about your family first and the good times when you were a child.

 This will probe him to speak to you regarding himself and his exciting family stories. There is invariably that funny childhood moment or naughty prank that can simply share and laugh. 

Apart from his childhood, you can also ask him about his relatives and which one is closest to this topic can be a way of knowing and understanding your boyfriend better.

8. talk about your dreams

Share with your boyfriend your dreams aspirations or goals you have for your life. you can talk to him about things you want to achieve. whether it’s owning your dream house over that sports card You always wanted.

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If you have a bucket list of things to do bring it up, and the two of you can talk about that. As a matter of fact, talking about your dreams can actually prompt him to reveal to you his own goals and dreams. This will subsequently keep the conversation going

9. talk about your future together

If the relationship is new and you are just getting to know each other then this can be an awkward topic to bring up at first.

however, this is also a way of gauging the seriousness of the relationship. you really do not have dive deep into the dialogue with some things like marriage or having children.

Make it simple and talk about any plans you may have for each other. Some things won’t happen right away especially if it’s a new relationship, but there is nothing wrong with discussing your future together

 10. talk about work.

There is a decent likelihood that your man is sweet and loves his work. Lending him air and actively listen to what he has to say about his work goes a long way when bonding together.

Don’t get bored if there are things you don’t understand it. If it sounds like rocket science to you especially the technical ones, then ask a few questions and let him explain the details to you.

In addition, knowing that he’s able to share his work with you can we leave him off any stress that he might have and also create a stronger and up-close relationship with you.

11. talk about the past

The past isn’t a simple topic to venture into and the majority avoid it. However, whenever you get into a brand new relationship there comes a time whereby you gotta talk about your past relationships.

When you get to the point where you can’t comfortably and openly talk to your boyfriend about your past. This means the bonds are only getting stronger. there is no shame in talking about the mistakes you might make in the past.

Besides, when you both can talk about it, you will obviously avoid making the same mistake in your relationship or in the future.

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Just on a side note make sure to avoid comparing your past relationship with the present.

 12. talk about movies or shows.

Go into the movies or simply watching one in the house can be a great way to spend some quality time with your boyfriend. So get to know what he likes. I’m sure there are several movies we have seen in the past that you can tell about.

You can also find out if there are movies you both haven’t watch. Then you can schedule a time to watch them together. Afterward, you can discuss how great the review was or talk smack on how bad the story or acting was.

 13. happy and proud moments.

We might all have one of those moments where we are greatly proud of and value the most. Ask your boyfriend about the most memorable and proud times you guys had. He will definitely be more than happy to tell you about the achievements you have made that bought him the most pride and fulfillment.

This is actually a way of making him feel valued. therefore this is one topic that will keep you both smiling and in a happy mood

14. embarrassing moments.

Well, not a lot of people really talk about their embarrassing moments before becoming boyfriends or girlfriends, Because they are obviously too shy to review it. Some embarrassing moments.

However, it can turn out to be funny and lead to a great conversation besides bringing up this topic can be quite helpful in making you and your boyfriend feel comfortable together.

So share an embarrassing moment with each other. immediately you will find yourself laughing at each other’s stories

 15. talk about his friends.

Most guys have some strong bonds with their friends. Ask him to share stories with you about them and get to know them a bit. you might meet them once a while since they are your boyfriend’s friends

So it doesn’t hurt to get to know them beforehand. When you do see them you can bring up the stories about them. It will be a really good icebreaker and they’ll enjoy your company.

Trust me these topics that I just mentioned will help you get started and make you feel like you can keep him in a good company.



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